Live plants ship Monday and Tuesday. Please have a look at our Shipping Policy before ordering.
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    The Wet Leaf Blog

    Cornavirus update, a notice to our customers. --Updated August 7 2020--

    Cornavirus update, a notice to our customers. --Updated August 7 2020--

    September 18 2020

    Again, no changes to our business and how we currently operate with COVID 19. This is from Canada Post, couriers will likely follow. Delays are still expected.

    Changes to parcel service standards


    Canada Post continues to see significantly increased parcel volumes as Canadians adopt different shopping behaviours during COVID-19. Given the high volumes and the important safety measures in place throughout our network to protect Canadians and our employees, including physical distancing, we are adding one day to our standard delivery dates, as of September 21, 2020. As well, our on-time guarantee remains suspended.


    While we have adjusted our delivery standards to manage expectations, we remain committed to providing timely and reliable service. However, given the unpredictability of the COVID-19 situation, delivery standards remain subject to change.


    Visit for the latest updates on the status of our network.


    Visit Find a delivery standard to determine how long it will take to deliver your package in Canada.


    Visit for the latest status of your item.



    September 14 2020

    No changes from our last update. Shipping is more reliable now, but shipping times are still not guaranteed by most shipping companies. Minor delays are still expected.



    August 19 2020

    All equipment, dry goods, and supplies are still shipping Canada wide. Expect shipping to be delayed. And if its not it will be a great surprise on your door step! Generally shipping times are getting better, but this pandemic is far from over. It's getting kinda old in our opinion! 

    Due to availability of live plants from our main supplier. We have chosen not to stock plants at this time. Unfortunately we only receive a small percentage of what we order. This can't work for us as we are set up to better serve our customers with a huge in stock inventory. This includes 1-2 Grow cups and all potted plants. 

    We have several outstanding orders for sold out products, Ada, Dooa, Stone, Wood, Tropica Plant Care, and a few others. When product arrives it will be stocked in our store. Check back frequently as some stuff sells out fast and follow our social media for the latest updates.



    June 28 2020

    No new information. Shipping Ontario and east still is delayed, with Canada post seeing the biggest delays. Unfortunately still not suitable for live plants. Everything not perishable is still shipping normally but delayed. Hope everyone is doing well, stay safe!


    May 1 2020

    We're shipping live plants again!

    But... It's limited to western Canada specifically. British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Yukon. Our normal shipping policy will apply. Please keep in mind that it is always important to ship live plants reasonably fast and all the more important now with the current world situation.


    March 2020

    Hope everyone is doing well. In light of the current world situation there are a few considerations. This will impact how we do business for several weeks possibly months.

    The risk of transmission of coronavirus though the mail is low. We have increased basic sanitation measures and continue to monitor the health of our shipping staff.

    All of our packages are sent requesting a signature for many of reasons. Biggest reason is that we don't want packages left in community mail boxes or on your door step. It's cold outside! Canada post is no longer getting signatures at your door to reduce transmission of cornavrius though human contact. As we do not allow our packages to be safe dropped you will have to go to your local post office to pick up the package. We expect UPS and Puorlator to do something similar as the situation evolves.  Please consider this if you are immunocompromised are in the high risk categorie or in contact with someone who is. In fact we would encourage you not to order at this time. 


    As this pandemic continues to evolve we expect shipping to be delayed.

    We are Shipping Live plants within Western Canada, Manitoba and West.

    All other products will ship Canada wide per normal, just expect delayed shipping.

    Going forward product supply will be an issue as the majority of our plants are shipped to Canada via air transport. And at this time we're not sure how this will effect dry goods.

    Stay safe! Wash your hands! Practice social distancing! Self isolate if needed! Listen to what our health authorities are saying, together we can flatten the curve.



    Tissue culture plants rock!

    Tissue culture plants rock!


    Tissue culture plants are becoming more and more popular in the planted tank hobby. There are a many of reasons to use them for your next project. Read on, we'll give you the run down as to why we think they're awesome!

    We usually just carry the 1-2 Grow tissue culture cups from Tropica Aquarium Plants. Why? Well generally plant quality is very good, better than most others. And Tropica Aquarium Plants has a North American facility here in Canada. This makes acquiring premium plants very easy for us, with little risk of overseas shipping. With 50 different species to choose from in the Tropica 1-2 Grow line up, most folks should be able to find what they're looking for. Wheather its mosses, carpeting plants or stems. Of course there are still some species like Anubias, Echndorius, and some Cryptcorne that come better as potted plants due to poor suitability as tissue cultured plants. And don't forget Tropica is a huge nursery, they know things like this. *Disclaimer* We are not affiliated with Tropica Aquarium Plants. Just really love the quality and selection available. But that's a totally different blog!

    1. All tissue cultured plants are grown in sterile lab conditions. This makes all 1-2 grow cups pest free. Great if you have phobia of snails. And algae free. Now there are a lot of factors that contribute to algae, but tissue culture plants will come with absolutely no algae. This means no competition for nutrients when your plants are adapting to your aquarium. Just nice clean plants ready to go!

    2. Plant mass inside a tissue cultured cup is usually a lot more when compared to the same potted species. 

    Out of the 1-2 grow cup!


    Same cup divided into portions. Almost every single time when comparing 1-2 Grow cups to potted plants you will receive more in the 1-2 Grow cup. When comparing the same species.

    3. Small shipping volume! Shipping is based on weight and volume. We can ship 4-5 TC cups or 1-2 average sized potted plants. And there's no rock wool weighing the box down with useless shipping weight. In winter we use bigger boxes for added protection for all plants. Shipping cost does go up for winter, but you will get way more bang for your buck with 1-2 Grow cups. 

    4. Plants in cups ship a better too. The hard plastic cups provide a bit of protection too. Because they are emersed grown out of water, leafs and stems are much tougher.

    5. No need to plant right away. 1-2 grow cups can easily sit on your counter for a couple days. Just keep them out of direct sun light and slightly cooler than room temperatures. Of course it's better to plant them sooner than later.


    Now some tissue culture cups may not be for everyone. Stem plants and carpeting plants might be hard to get going depending on lighting, substrate, fertilization and experience levels. Heres an old blog post with a few tips on growing plants.

    In our opinion the pros out weight the cons, give them a try!




    Our annual winter public service announcement

    Our annual winter public service announcement


    Once again it's time for our annual winter public service announcement. Many of our customers are likely familiar with this announcement.


    We're a bit early this year, but one of the best ways to ensue your plants arrive to you safely is to order before winter hits. We know you're out side scraping the last bits of summer off the sky, not really thinking about your tank. Least that's what we're doing between snow storms here in Calgary.

    So if you're thinking about ordering now is the time. Cooler temperatures this time of year is the ideal time for shipping across most of Canada. Until it starts freezing. When more insulation is required box sizes go up, as does the cost of shipping. Cheaper shipping and less chance of damaged plants is a win win in our books!

    Also we recommend against ordering live plants on Black Friday.  It's cold, couriers and the postal system is bogged down, delivery standards are not met and packages are lost. Risky business when we're dealing in live plants! 

    As our customers know, we take great care in getting you your plants in the best condition possible. We use insulated boxes, heat packs and recommend the fastest shipping method possible. Or at least a shipping time of less than three days.

    Flex delivery from Canada post is a great option. Or UPS access point may also be a good option depending on shipping time to your location. Both services hold your package at a location for you to pick up. This reduces the amount of time your package will be exposed to freezing temperatures.

    We have been very successful with this method since we started our business. We've shipped thousands of plants with only a few frozen boxes. Most of the frozen boxes were lost or delayed in shipping. Can't be perfect every time!

    We're very adverse to risk. Most of our plants are premium quality, and we believe that you the customer should get top quality plants delivered to your door. We will not gamble with your hard earned money. Simply, it comes down to, we get you your plants or we can't. For this reason we have an all or nothing shipping policy. Play by our rules and we will get you your plants with a 100% DOA guarantee. Our shipping policy changes bit depending on season, so have a look at our shipping policy before ordering.

    When we have temperatures lower than -20C in Calgary or at the final destination we will hold your order until the next shipping day. Hopefully the temperature improves. Of course we will send an email to update our affected customers.

    As always we're here to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, especially questions related to winter shipping. 


    The Wet Leaf Team

    Art Cards and Posters

    Art Cards and Posters


    Tropica aquarium plants has relesed prints of original watercolour paintings that artists have created for Tropica over the years.

    If you’re interested, we’re invoicing by email until we get them up online.

    Art Cards come in a set of five. 13x18cm (5”x7”)

    Art Cards will be $9.99 for a set of 5 cards. 2 different card sets. They can ship with other items. 

    Set #1 - C. helferi, C. thaianum, S. repens, H. pinnatifida, B. australis.

    Set #2 - E. ‘Ozelot’, E. ‘Vesuvius’, L. hippuridoides, N. hydrophylla ‘Taiwan’, U. graminifolia.

    Posters 40x30cm or (16”x12”)

    Posters are 15.99 each. Posters will ship for a flat rate of $12, and shipped separately from other items.






    Tropica 1-2 Grow Blow Out!

    Tropica 1-2 Grow Blow Out!

    Once again its time to blow out our entire stock of Tropica 1-2 Grow cups.

    They are getting close to their best before date and July 22/ 23 will be our last shipping days for a couple weeks.

    So they must go! 

    Use this code at check out for 50% off all 1-2 Grow tissue culture cups.