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    The Wet Leaf Blog

    Plant Shipping Changes

    Plant Shipping Changes

    We've changed our plant shipping rates! Hopefully this is much better for our customers. Inflation and fuel costs are really stating to play a part in the cost of shipping Canada wide.

    In the past we've used real time rates generated by our store and shipping apps, those rates are still there, but we have added a few more! With larger volume plant orders we can offer cheaper shipping rates and absorb some of the shipping cost. What will this mean for our customers? More plants! Cheaper shipping!

    As most of our customers know, live plants need to ship fast! Faster than fast! This will ensure top quality plants delivered to your doorstep. 

    All of our plant shipping rates shown are 100% guaranteed by our DOA policy. We rarely have shipping issues, it works out to less than 1% of our orders. Obviously there still can be delays and the potential for shipping problems is present. Our DOA policy covers that, no worries.  Just pick the cheapest rate shown, we'll get you your plants!

    We've created regional rates. Shipping from Calgary to Newfoundland is a long way! Express shipping is more expensive than shipping Calgary to British Columbia or Ontario. And honestly, if you're on the east coast we're happy to ship to you, but save yourself a bit of cash and source what you are looking for a bit closer to home if you can.

    What are our new rates?

    As mentioned above, shipping shorter distances is generally cheeper. We have slightly different rates for different parts of Canada. These rates will only apply to live plants. So if there is anything else in your cart you won't see the plant shipping rate. It is ridiculously expensive to express ship heavy bulky items like aquariums and stone, those items ship by ground for the best rate. If you have plants in your cart only rates suitable for shipping live plants will show up. It would be cheeper to check out twice if you have 20lbs of stone and a couple tissue culture plants.


    What are our new rates? Theres a lot! All based amount ordered.

    Canada Wide Free shipping on plant orders over $150.00

    Other rates for orders over $50, $75, $100. Rates will vary by province and region starting at $10 up to $20. Of course all rates shown are 100% DOA.


    We've been shipping plants as a business since 2015 and several years prior as hobbyists. We're confidant that we can maintain our shipping track record and give our customers a bit of a deal on shipping live plants. 


    Hope everybody has a great weekend!




    No Shipping November 12- December 20

    No Shipping November 12- December 20

    Our second move of the year is quickly approaching! This is very exciting for us!

    Because we have to move all our product and ourselves we won't be shipping November 12 - December 20, 2021. 

    We will begin restocking early 2022. So stay tuned!

    Summer sale!

    Summer sale!

    As expected our summer sale is here!

    40% off everything in store, discount applied at check out.

    Discount only valid for in stock products. Stock is limited for some products, order sooner than later if you are thinking about it.

    Sale ends August 1 2021.


    Hope everyone is having a great summer!





    Hey! What's going on Wet Leaf?

    Hey! What's going on Wet Leaf?

    Hi Everyone!

    As many of our customers already know we have moved.  Our first move is almost complete, and then we movie again in about 7 months.  We have already skimmed our inventory down to the bare bones. Literally shipping several thousand pounds of stock.  We’re fairly certain that the UPS and Canada Post drivers dreaded pick ups at our address. We left some gift cards to keep them happy!  However we still have quite a lot of inventory that we would like to not have to move again with our next move.  We’ll be offering our 40% off storewide sale again this summer, stay tuned if you like deals!  Please note what is available online is what we have. We will not be restocking until after our second move likely late fall... but, keep reading.

    Moving forward to after our second move, we’re not sure exactly what The Wet Leaf will look like.  We started as a small boutique store back in 2015. With a focus on Bucephalandra and rare plants, because we’re hobistist too and that’s kind of the side of the hobby that we’re interested in.  Over the years we added more and more products to our store, created our own brand Nature Aquarium Systems and sourced products that were not available in Canada.  There's several business that have started up after us using our blueprint and we’re really stoked about that! It really brings the aquascaping hobby to Canada and we all benefit from that. Keep working hard guys!   

    On a personal note, there’s one and a half people doing the job of two to three people.  As mentioned The Wet Leaf is a hobby turned business that is far too successful! We both have full time careers unrelated to the aquascaping industry and since we’ve started up in 2015 two young children.  This creates a lot of late nights and early mornings. A lot of our customers likely received emails and shipping notifications late at night and assumed we were a 24 hour operation!  At this time we’re not really sure where the Wet Leaf will be after our second move. We might scale it way back to more of a boutique business or we might sell it and start over differently. 


    I’d like to finish by thanking all our customers, without you we could have not done any of this! We have been lucky enough to meet some really talented people along the way in Canada and abroad that we may not have met as hobbyists. And I’m proud to say that we have been able to serve the vast majority of our customers well.  Keep on scaping folks! Support Canadian business if you can and do your part to drive the hobby in Canada! Customer demand is what brings the products in.





    Bucephalandra Available!

    Bucephalandra Available!

    We have some Bucephalandra available from our own collection. Quantities are limited.

    Because Covid 19 is creating poor shipping conditions and that it's also winter, Shipping is restricted to western Canada. We will ship too BC, AB, SK, and MB. No shipping to any other province, that's just a bad idea right now.

    Live plants ship Monday and Tuesday. Please have your order in Sunday afternoon for shipping the following week.