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    The Wet Leaf Blog

    Our annual winter public service announcement

    Our annual winter public service announcement


    Once again it's time for our annual winter public service announcement. Many of our customers are likely familiar with this announcement.


    We're a bit early this year, but one of the best ways to ensue your plants arrive to you safely is to order before winter hits. We know you're out side scraping the last bits of summer off the sky, not really thinking about your tank. Least that's what we're doing between snow storms here in Calgary.

    So if you're thinking about ordering now is the time. Cooler temperatures this time of year is the ideal time for shipping across most of Canada. Until it starts freezing. When more insulation is required box sizes go up, as does the cost of shipping. Cheaper shipping and less chance of damaged plants is a win win in our books!

    Also we recommend against ordering live plants on Black Friday.  It's cold, couriers and the postal system is bogged down, delivery standards are not met and packages are lost. Risky business when we're dealing in live plants! 

    As our customers know, we take great care in getting you your plants in the best condition possible. We use insulated boxes, heat packs and recommend the fastest shipping method possible. Or at least a shipping time of less than three days.

    Flex delivery from Canada post is a great option. Or UPS access point may also be a good option depending on shipping time to your location. Both services hold your package at a location for you to pick up. This reduces the amount of time your package will be exposed to freezing temperatures.

    We have been very successful with this method since we started our business. We've shipped thousands of plants with only a few frozen boxes. Most of the frozen boxes were lost or delayed in shipping. Can't be perfect every time!

    We're very adverse to risk. Most of our plants are premium quality, and we believe that you the customer should get top quality plants delivered to your door. We will not gamble with your hard earned money. Simply, it comes down to, we get you your plants or we can't. For this reason we have an all or nothing shipping policy. Play by our rules and we will get you your plants with a 100% DOA guarantee. Our shipping policy changes bit depending on season, so have a look at our shipping policy before ordering.

    When we have temperatures lower than -20C in Calgary or at the final destination we will hold your order until the next shipping day. Hopefully the temperature improves. Of course we will send an email to update our affected customers.

    As always we're here to help. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, especially questions related to winter shipping. 


    The Wet Leaf Team

    Art Cards and Posters

    Art Cards and Posters


    Tropica aquarium plants has relesed prints of original watercolour paintings that artists have created for Tropica over the years.

    If you’re interested, we’re invoicing by email until we get them up online.

    Art Cards come in a set of five. 13x18cm (5”x7”)

    Art Cards will be $9.99 for a set of 5 cards. 2 different card sets. They can ship with other items. Or $5 flat rate, likely letter mail and we’ll reduce this if you’re west of Ontario.

    Set #1 - C. helferi, C. thaianum, S. repens, H. pinnatifida, B. australis.

    Set #2 - E. ‘Ozelot’, E. ‘Vesuvius’, L. hippuridoides, N. hydrophylla ‘Taiwan’, U. graminifolia.

    Posters 40x30cm or (16”x12”)

    Posters are 12.99 each. Posters will ship for a flat rate of $12, and shipped separately from other items.






    Tropica 1-2 Grow Blow Out!

    Tropica 1-2 Grow Blow Out!

    Once again its time to blow out our entire stock of Tropica 1-2 Grow cups.

    They are getting close to their best before date and July 22/ 23 will be our last shipping days for a couple weeks.

    So they must go! 

    Use this code at check out for 50% off all 1-2 Grow tissue culture cups.




    New Logo!

    New Logo!

    We've changed our logo!

    Dropped the "The", it might come back one day as we are still legally called The Wet Leaf. We don't just sell aquatic plants anymore, our selection has expanded to include a variety of products related to Nature Aquariums and Aquascaping.

    Moving forward we feel our new logo will represent us well. We still have one of the largest inventories of plants available on the Canadian intrawebs!