***COVID 19*** Please check back here for our latest updates and plant shipping information .
What is going on at The Wet Leaf? Find out here.
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    The Wet Leaf Blog

    Hey! What's going on Wet Leaf?

    Hey! What's going on Wet Leaf?

    Hi Everyone!

    As many of our customers already know we have moved.  Our first move is almost complete, and then we movie again in about 7 months.  We have already skimmed our inventory down to the bare bones. Literally shipping several thousand pounds of stock.  We’re fairly certain that the UPS and Canada Post drivers dreaded pick ups at our address. We left some gift cards to keep them happy!  However we still have quite a lot of inventory that we would like to not have to move again with our next move.  We’ll be offering our 40% off storewide sale again this summer, stay tuned if you like deals!  Please note what is available online is what we have. We will not be restocking until after our second move likely late fall... but, keep reading.

    Moving forward to after our second move, we’re not sure exactly what The Wet Leaf will look like.  We started as a small boutique store back in 2015. With a focus on Bucephalandra and rare plants, because we’re hobistist too and that’s kind of the side of the hobby that we’re interested in.  Over the years we added more and more products to our store, created our own brand Nature Aquarium Systems and sourced products that were not available in Canada.  There's several business that have started up after us using our blueprint and we’re really stoked about that! It really brings the aquascaping hobby to Canada and we all benefit from that. Keep working hard guys!   

    On a personal note, there’s one and a half people doing the job of two to three people.  As mentioned The Wet Leaf is a hobby turned business that is far too successful! We both have full time careers unrelated to the aquascaping industry and since we’ve started up in 2015 two young children.  This creates a lot of late nights and early mornings. A lot of our customers likely received emails and shipping notifications late at night and assumed we were a 24 hour operation! And frankly one of us is burnt out. At this time we’re not really sure where the Wet Leaf will be after our second move. We might scale it way back to more of a boutique business or we might sell it and start over differently. 


    I’d like to finish by thanking all our customers, without you we could have not done any of this! We have been lucky enough to meet some really talented people along the way in Canada and abroad that we may not have met as hobbyists. And I’m proud to say that we have been able to serve the vast majority of our customers well.  Keep on scaping folks! Support Canadian business if you can and do your part to drive the hobby in Canada! Customer demand is what brings the products in.





    Bucephalandra Available!

    Bucephalandra Available!

    We have some Bucephalandra available from our own collection. Quantities are limited.

    Because Covid 19 is creating poor shipping conditions and that it's also winter, Shipping is restricted to western Canada. We will ship too BC, AB, SK, and MB. No shipping to any other province, that's just a bad idea right now.

    Live plants ship Monday and Tuesday. Please have your order in Sunday afternoon for shipping the following week.




    Site wide sale!

    Site wide sale!

    We have to hit the pause button! There has been a lot of interest in our moving sale, and that's an understatement!  We need a bit of time to catch up on our shipping and check our inventory.

    Everything in store is currently regular price until our sale starts up again. 



    We are planning to move in the next couple months and we have a lot of inventory. So why not sell it at a discount to our valued customers!  

    There will likely be a lot of interest when the sale starts. Might be a good idea to get your cart loaded up and ready to check out at 9:00am if you're looking for something specific.

    We did just receive a huge ADA/DOOA order recently. Probably one of the largest inventories in Canada, some products will still be limited.


    Discount will be applied in cart at check out.

    Products are limited.

    Standard shipping rates apply.

    Due to order volume our order processing time will be several days longer than normal.

    Discount will not be applied to orders placed before 9:00am MT.

    Holliday shipping schedule.

    Holliday shipping schedule.

    We're taking a break over the holidays. Of course we'll still open online!

    Here is our shipping schedule starting this Monday.

    Dec 21 Monday - Shipping

    Dec 22 - No shipping

    Dec 23 - No shipping

    Dec 24 - No shipping

    Dec 25 - No shipping

    Dec 26 Saturday - No shipping

    Dec 27 Sunday - Shipping

    Dec 28 - Shipping

    Dec 29 - Shipping

    Dec 30 - Shipping

    Dec 31 - No Shipping

    Jan 01 - No Shipping

    Jan 02 - Back to normal shipping.


    Happy Holidays!

    Cornavirus update, a notice to our customers. --Updated Oct,15 2020--

    Cornavirus update, a notice to our customers. --Updated Oct,15 2020--

    April 9 2021

    Wave #3 is here, expect shipping delays.


    March 26 2021

    Shipping has improved, but covid is still a thing. So shipping delays should still be expected, depending on what is happening in each region of Canada.



    January 11 2021

    The holiday shipping season has finished! Generally shipping times should be improving. But delays due to COVID 19 are still expected.

    We won't have any plant stock for several months. Cold temperatures and expected shipping delays are likely to result in frozen plants. Nobody likes to receive frozen plants! Supply will likely be an issue for several more months anyway.

    Happy New Year

    Stay safe!



    December 7 2020

    Expect shipping delays with all shipping services.


    November 17 2020

    Again no changes, the pandemic is still here.

    Get your Christmas shopping done early if you're planning on ordering online. Normally this time of year is busy for shipping companies, this year it has been very busy with shipping delays expected across Canada.

    Our ADA order has been delayed again unfortunately. The BC lower mainland is semi-locked down, getting through the Port of Vancouver has been problematic. Currently we don't have an updated ETA.

    We have a UNS order that should arrive to us next week and another UNS order that should be about two weeks behind if everything stays on schedule. Fingers crossed.

    Plants - Possibly spring of 2021.  Shipping in cold weather with expected delays is a recipe for frozen plants. We really don't like frozen plants, and most of our customers know we won't ship live plants if we think there is a high chance of failure.

    Stay safe!





    October 15 2020

    No big changes to how we are operate at this time. Still not stocking plants, see August 19 below.

    Shipping is generally more reliable than it has been for most of the summer. But that will likely change in the coming months.

    Due to changes with UPS, our order processing time will be a day longer than normal for packages shipped via UPS. 2-3 business days instead of the usual 1-2 days. Our processing time with other shipping methods remains unaffected.

    We have a large ADA order set to arrive at the beginning of November. That's exciting! Hopefully it stays on time, we've been waiting for this order since late spring.

    Stay safe! 


    September 18 2020

    Again, no changes to our business and how we currently operate with COVID 19. This is from Canada Post, couriers will likely follow. Delays are still expected.

    Changes to parcel service standards


    Canada Post continues to see significantly increased parcel volumes as Canadians adopt different shopping behaviours during COVID-19. Given the high volumes and the important safety measures in place throughout our network to protect Canadians and our employees, including physical distancing, we are adding one day to our standard delivery dates, as of September 21, 2020. As well, our on-time guarantee remains suspended.


    While we have adjusted our delivery standards to manage expectations, we remain committed to providing timely and reliable service. However, given the unpredictability of the COVID-19 situation, delivery standards remain subject to change.


    Visit canadapost.ca/servicealerts for the latest updates on the status of our network.


    Visit Find a delivery standard to determine how long it will take to deliver your package in Canada.


    Visit canadapost.ca/track for the latest status of your item.



    September 14 2020

    No changes from our last update. Shipping is more reliable now, but shipping times are still not guaranteed by most shipping companies. Minor delays are still expected.



    August 19 2020

    All equipment, dry goods, and supplies are still shipping Canada wide. Expect shipping to be delayed. And if its not it will be a great surprise on your door step! Generally shipping times are getting better, but this pandemic is far from over. It's getting kinda old in our opinion! 

    Due to availability of live plants from our main supplier. We have chosen not to stock plants at this time. Unfortunately we only receive a small percentage of what we order. This can't work for us as we are set up to better serve our customers with a huge in stock inventory. This includes 1-2 Grow cups and all potted plants. 

    We have several outstanding orders for sold out products, Ada, Dooa, Stone, Wood, Tropica Plant Care, and a few others. When product arrives it will be stocked in our store. Check back frequently as some stuff sells out fast and follow our social media for the latest updates.



    June 28 2020

    No new information. Shipping Ontario and east still is delayed, with Canada post seeing the biggest delays. Unfortunately still not suitable for live plants. Everything not perishable is still shipping normally but delayed. Hope everyone is doing well, stay safe!


    May 1 2020

    We're shipping live plants again!

    But... It's limited to western Canada specifically. British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Yukon. Our normal shipping policy will apply. Please keep in mind that it is always important to ship live plants reasonably fast and all the more important now with the current world situation.


    March 2020

    Hope everyone is doing well. In light of the current world situation there are a few considerations. This will impact how we do business for several weeks possibly months.

    The risk of transmission of coronavirus though the mail is low. We have increased basic sanitation measures and continue to monitor the health of our shipping staff.

    All of our packages are sent requesting a signature for many of reasons. Biggest reason is that we don't want packages left in community mail boxes or on your door step. It's cold outside! Canada post is no longer getting signatures at your door to reduce transmission of cornavrius though human contact. As we do not allow our packages to be safe dropped you will have to go to your local post office to pick up the package. We expect UPS and Puorlator to do something similar as the situation evolves.  Please consider this if you are immunocompromised are in the high risk categorie or in contact with someone who is. In fact we would encourage you not to order at this time. 


    As this pandemic continues to evolve we expect shipping to be delayed.

    We are Shipping Live plants within Western Canada, Manitoba and West.

    All other products will ship Canada wide per normal, just expect delayed shipping.

    Going forward product supply will be an issue as the majority of our plants are shipped to Canada via air transport. And at this time we're not sure how this will effect dry goods.

    Stay safe! Wash your hands! Practice social distancing! Self isolate if needed! Listen to what our health authorities are saying, together we can flatten the curve.