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    The Wet Leaf Blog

    New UPS rates! Canada Post not recommended for live plants right now.

    New UPS rates! Canada Post not recommended for live plants right now.

    The postal strike is over, but packages are moving slow! To slow for plants! A busy online shopping season combined with a back log of mail from the postal strike is resulting in Canada post not being able to meet their delivery standard.

    As many of you know, this time of year the best insurance for shipping live plants is fast shipping. Less time spent in transit reduces the chance that plants will be exposed to freezing temperatures. Of course we monitor the weather before shipping and use insulated boxes and heat packs as needed. But this doesn't buy a lot of time, heat packs only last so long and we live in Canada. It can get cold here!

    Canada post has been our primary shipper since we started up The Wet Leaf and once everything is sorted out we'll be using them again. This will likely be in the new year. But currently we do not recommend Canada post for live plants.  For other items Canada post is an option, if you don't mind waiting.

    We have added UPS as an option for shipping! Thats the good news. When choosing a UPS rate pick a shipping method that will take no more than 2-3 days. Remember faster is better for live plants!




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    We're always here to help, contact us with all your questions. Or try our FAQs page for a quicker answer. 

    Postal Strike. But we're still shipping!

    Postal Strike. But we're still shipping!

    The Canadian Union of Postal Workers has issued strike notice to Canada Post. It looks like a random rotating strike of various postal facilities. A Lock Out notice can still be issued by Canada Post. This potentially could stop the movement of all mail.

    Because of this we will not be shipping live plants through Canada Post until an agreement is reached. BUT...

    We have been preparing for this for the last while and have set up other shipping options with Purolator and UPS. These will not show up online yet.

    Check out how you normally would as per our shipping policy, Express post or faster for live plants. At check out if you choose a Canada post rate we will ship via courier. Actually, we have been upgrading shipping on most orders for the last couple weeks.

    We can not ship to PO Boxes or Flex delivery addresses at this time.


    If you're looking for the most up to date info check out these links.


    The Wet Leaf Team