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    Get the FAQ's!


    Where do you ship?

    • We ship Canada wide usually with Canada Post or UPS.

    When will my order ship out?

    • We usually can ship most orders within two business days. Depending on order volume, sales, weather  events or pandemics this time may increase.
    • Live plants ship on Monday and Tuesday to allow for enough time for them to arrive and not get stuck at the post office over the weekend. Get your order in before Sunday @ 6 pm mountain time, because thats our cut off time.
    When will I receive my tracking information?.
    • All orders are send with a tracking number. Tracking information will be provided by email or log into your account online to view. Please allow 24 hours during regular business hours for updated tracking information. We strongly encourage buyers to check for updates frequently and coordinate proper arrangements to be present for the delivery as we are not responsible for lost/stolen packages or any live plant damage due to courier delays. However, we do our best to provide after purchase support and all discrepancies are handled on a case by case basis. If you believe your package is lost, please send us an email. Lost packages are handled on a case by case basis and the Wet Leaf reserves the right to provide alternative solutions pertaining to each individual case. Claims filed on the customer's behalf can take a minimum of 7-14 business days to process
      What if I need to make a change to my order?
      • Please email us with your change request as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to make adjustments as long as your order has not been shipped. We’ll make sure to respond as soon as we can.

      Does The Wet Leaf ship live plants in winter?

      • Yes we ship in all seasons in Canada including winter. We pack our boxes with styrofoam insulation and heat packs if needed depending on weather conditions. However this is no substitute for fast shipping.

      When is it to hot or cold to ship?

      • Temperatures over 25C or colder than -20C. We monitor temps across the country before shipping and will hold your order until the next shipping day in hopes of more favourable shipping conditions. Of course we'll be in touch if we can't ship.

      What is Canada Post Flex Delivery and UPS Access Point?

      • These are services from Canada Post and UPS, free to sign up! They hold your package at the post office or UPS store for you to pick up. Reducing the chance that plants will be exposed to freezing temperatures. And lessening the time that packages could be left in the back of a postal truck or in an unheated warehouse for more than a couple hours. And in many cases you will get your plants faster. We have had great success to date with these services.
      • Flex Delivery from Canada Post.
      • UPS Access Point

      Why should I choose a fast shipping time that is less than 3 business days.

      • Fast shipping reduces the amount of time that live plants can be exposed to unfavourable temperatures. Our heat packs will only last up to 72 hours. Also don't forget that when choosing your shipping option that the number of shipping days is business days, weekends and holidays aren't included. For example, Expedited parcel will be quoted at 1-7 days for a package to eastern Canada shipped from Calgary. Include the weekend and shipping time is 9 days. Not that great for plants, you would most likely receive a block of ice. You can calculate shipping time here Use this postal code T3G 5T4.

      Will you do Local Pick up for Calgary customers?

      • No, Unfortunately we are not able to offer Local Pick Up. We are very busy shipping across Canada and just don't have the time for no shows, late people and last minute reschedules. Spring, summer and fall we offer free shipping and flat rates just for Calgary and area customers. Promotions will show up in your cart. Or choose the lowest shipping rate that shows up in the cart. Shipping time is one business day for all rates.

      Is local delivery an option?

      • Yes, Local Delivery rates will show up in the check out.

      Can you ship outside of Canada?

      • Unfortunately, we cannot ship live products outside of Canada at this time. We do not know the restrictions that other countries have on live plants and shrimp. And also there is a very good chance our packages would be delayed a long time in customs, resulting in dead creatures. Some non-live products can be shipped to the United States, you will get a shipping quote in the check out if we can ship to you.

      Do you have an order minimum? 

      •  No order is to small! We have small boxes.

      Do you accept returns?

      • Yes of course, for most products. Unfortunately due to the complexity of shipping live plants across Canada we cannot accept live plants as returns. We do not offer return shipping labels. The return shipper is responsible for all return shipping costs and damage incurred during return shipping.

      Can I request specific shapes, sizes and colour stone?

      • No. Our stone by weight is pre packed and ready to ship. Check our WYSIWYG section for one off pieces. 

      When do you update your stock? 

      • We are constantly updating our stock and receiving new stock usually monthly. During spring, summer and fall we receive new plant stock weekly or biweekly. 

      Do you have any promotions or discounts?
      • We have have sales and off discount codes from time to time. To be in the know, sign up to our email list and follow our social media pages. Click the links below to view, like, comment and follow us!