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    Thanks for checking out our shipping policy page! If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

    We have a very high success rate. To date we have only had shipping issues with 0.53% of boxes shipped. Thats out of thousands of boxes delivered! Our goal is to get you your stuff in the best condition possible, and we work hard to make that happen!

    Nicolas :)

    -Founder of The Wet Leaf-




    • The Wet Leaf will ship anywhere in Canada with Canada Post and most couriers.¬†
    • At check out you will be given a shipping time for different shipping rates. Please assume the longest time given for the rate, unless you are in a large metropolitan area or close to Calgary.
    • Signatures are requested with all packages.
    • Shipping costs are non refundable and we don‚Äôt offer free return shipping. Returns will be subject to a 20% processing fee.
    Shipping days
    • We will usually ship orders within 2 business days of ordering. Occasionally due to shipping volume, sales and weather events we may not be able to meet our own deadline.¬†
    • Live plants ship Monday and Tuesday, see below.



    • All plant orders are 100% DOA, see below.
    • Please choose a rate that will take no longer than 2-3 business days. Remember that faster shipping is always best for live plants.
    • Plant orders will ship on Monday and Tuesday to ensure timely delivery.
    • Please have your plant order in by 6pm MST Sunday before our shipping day for plants. We will ship late orders if we can. Orders are processed first come first serve. A late order placed on Monday or Tuesday may have to wait until the next shipping week


      Dry goods   ( Aquariums, Rocks, Driftwood, Soil, The Heavy Stuff, etc)

          • Shipping rates are based on weight and volume. Dry goods weight more and require larger boxes. Ground shipping is the¬†cheapest method for these items. If it takes a week to arrive or gets stuck in the back of a truck over the weekend,¬†these products will be¬†unaffected.
          • We will only ship perishable items (Plants)¬†with Dry goods if express rates less than 3 day shipping is chosen. Plants need to ship fast! Especially in winter.

          Internatonal Shipping

          • We can ship non live items to the United States. Shipped via Canada Post/ USPS or UPS.
          • The buyer is responsible for¬†any extra charges and¬†duties to be paid to Customs. Refusal to pay this results in your package being considered abandoned, no refund will be issued. There is a chance that your package will find its way back to us. If the product is undamaged, we will refund minus additional shipping charges.
          • The buyer is responsible for knowing what products are permitted entry¬†in your Country/ State. Refused entry may result in the¬†package being considered abandoned, no refund will be issued. There is a chance that your package will find its way back to us. If the product is undamaged, we will refund minus additional shipping charges.¬†

          Flat Rate Shipping 

            • Will be shipped via courier. UPS, Fedx, Purolator or Canpar. Shipping method is at our discretion.
            • If it shows up as an option, select it. It likely will be the best shipping rate.

            D.O.A   Dead. On. Arrival

            • All plant orders are 100% DOA. See below for details.
            • All plants from The Wet Leaf will be in the best¬†possible¬†condition before shipping. They will be packed appropriately for shipping with all¬†necessary¬†materials for protection. Please¬†monitor¬†your¬†weather¬†and request a hot or cold pack as¬†necessary.¬†
            • If you¬†receive¬†dead plants please contact us within 2 hours of¬†receiving¬†the¬†package ( for a refund. Please include photos of plants in the sealed shipping bag and if needed removed from bag. Photos must be taken in good light and plants must be visible.
            • Dead aquatic plants¬†typically¬†look like a big ball of green mush. Excluding aquatic moss. Once you take it out of the bag and fluff it up a bit it should look like moss.
            • We do not refund shipping costs.


             Snails/ Algae/ Duckweed

            • We maintain clean aquariums, but all aquarium plants have a chance of coming with snails or duckweed. We will try to remove anything we see, but there is no guarantee that we can get it all. If you are really worried about aquarium pests we recommend that you rinse, dip and quarantine all new flora before placing in your tank.
            • Tissue culture¬†cups will arrive 100% pest free.
            • Most potted plants will arrive pest free.